Female Pheromone Perfume "PHERO EROTICA FEM" 15 ml.

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A female pheromone perfume with a great scent that can make you irresistible to any man. Only a few sprays on the neck are enough to become a sexual object of desire. Be irresistible! Be irresistible and desirable! What are Pheromones? Pheromones are small organic molecules that act as a form of chemical bond between two individuals. They are separated from the glands that are located in the armpit, around the genitals. By falling into the air, pheromones are perceived by the sensitive receptors of the organs of the sense of smell, which transmit an exciting signal to the hemisphere of the large hemispheres. Sex pheromones are an important means of sexual attraction and communication in all animals and humans. They largely determine the sexual attractiveness of the woman and the man. Separating ...

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