Penis pump "PUMP WORX CRYSTAL " 19 cm.

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Silicone penis pump that will restore your self-confidence in bed, but also increase the size and circumference of your penis.

Perfection and design, as well as the use of high quality materials in the manufacture are a guarantee for a quick and lasting effect after its use. At each reminder in the cylinder will create a vacuum, which in turn, it will increase blood flow to your penis many times over, making it bigger, thicker and making you feel great.

- Easy to use

- Silicone sealant

- Suitable for beginners

+ Gift - silicone penis ring

Material: Silicone, PVC

Length: 20 cm

How to use:

Apply lubricant around the pump inlet and slightly at the base of your penis. Insert your penis into the plastic tube. The seal helps to create an airtight seal that keeps the penis erect without distorting it. Hold the cylinder with one hand and start inflating with the other. A vacuum will be created that will begin to enlarge your penis and increase blood flow to it. To release the vacuum, push the safety valve located under the pump.


* Do not use by persons under 18 years of age

* Use with water-based lubricant is recommended

* If you feel pain, temporarily stop using the appliance.

* Wash and disinfect after use

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