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Poppers Liquid Gold

Poppers Liquid Gold
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One of the best-selling erotic flavors, which is a good choice even to try this fun for the first time. Join the party with new sensations. How to use? The use of this kind of room air freshener aims only at one thing, namely, a more enjoyable experience and an increase in laughter between partners. This product is perceived equally well by both sexes, and the effect is a much more enjoyable experience and enjoyment. There are different ways of using it. The best and most effective one is to ventilate the room well and to put the open bottle in one hand away from yourself. To speed up saturation, you can increase the evaporation area by pouring the contents of the bottle into a large saucer.

- Volume: 10 ml.

- Quick action.

- It quickly causes a state of relaxation and sexual euphoria.

Uncontrolled Recommendations:

* Do not use by persons under 18 years of age;

* Beware of children;

* Avoid eye contact;

* Do not take in - very toxic!

* Store dry and cool;

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