Poppers Liquid Gold

Poppers Liquid Gold
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One of the best selling erotic fragrances, it's a good choice to even try this fun for the first time. Join the party with new sensations. How to use? The use of this type of room fragrance is intended for only one thing, namely, a more enjoyable experience and increased affection between partners. This product is perceived equally well by both sexes and the effect is a much more enjoyable experience and enjoyment. There are different ways to use it. The best and most effective of these is to ventilate the room well to use and place the open vial one hand away. To speed up saturation, you can increase the evaporation area by pouring the contents of the bottle into a wide saucer.

- Volume: 10 ml.

- Fast Action.

- Quickly triggers a state of relaxation and sexual euphoria.

Uncontrolled Recommendations:

* Do not use under 18s;

* Keep away from children;

* Avoid contact with eyes;

* Do not take internally - it is highly toxic!

* Store in a cool, dry place;

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