Dear customers, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the reduced staff, there may be a delay in the execution of orders.

In NextSexShop.com we strongly hold to confidentiality and discreteness to our customers. As we works with companies that provides large variety of services and distributes many kinds of goods (clothes, electronics, food additives etc.) we guarantee a hundred percent discreteness to your order, even the courier himself have no idea what kind of product he delivers. Sender of the order is absolutely neutral company and there is no way anybody to suggest what is inside. If the courier requires description of goods we send them as “cosmetics”. We pack products and supporting them documents always in black non-transparent bags first and then we put them in the courier bags.

This is how we guarantee that we are the only to know what the package contains until you open it.  It is absolutely forbidden for courier to unpack the delivery.

All information about your orders is strictly saved in the data base of our company, unavailable for outsiders.

How we deliver?

The delivery is made through courier company ACS Courier for Greece, Rapido for Bulgaria and FAN Courier for Romania. All goods are packed in black non-transparent bags. It is customer choice where to deliver, courier company office or personal address. It takes 4-8 business days to receive the shipment.

Payment methods:

Cash (for BULGARIA, ROMANIA, GREECE) - pay all due amount to the courier upon receipt of the order.

Delivery price: 

Bulgaria: 4.90 BGN / Greece: 5.50 EUR / Romania: 16.00 RON



We wish you a pleasant shopping!