About us

About usWe are one of the largest online sex shops in Easter Europe.

Our power is in correct attitude with our customers and partners.

We always try to propose the best quality products with no defects and in wright terms.

A hundred percent confidentiality and discretion is guarantee to our customers. As we works with companies that provides large variety of services and distributes many kinds of goods (clothes, electronics, food additives etc.) we guarantee a hundred percent discreteness to your order, even the courier himself have no idea what kind of product he delivers.

What is our purpose?

As we all know our civilization and the whole mankind is existing only because of sex. That’s why it is supposed to be the most natural thing for us but many people are still ashamed to talk about it. Not enough information is other problem of it. Sex is not shameful, it is not nasty, as all it is not taboo. Not only for reproduction, sex is for bringing us pleasure when is practiced responsibly. When you have good knowledge of your body and your sexuality you will already know how to bring maximum pleasure for you and your partners.


Our goal is to be helpful with our products and useful information, so you can realize the most depth sexual fantasies of your mind.

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Best wishes: nextsexshop.com team